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Mary Jo Roma

Virtual Specialist



​I received my Finance Degree from Penn State University back in 1992. From there, I went on to work for Keystone Savings Bank. In 1996, I left Keystone Savings Bank as the Construction Loan Officer so that I could be at home with my first born son. I decided to reach out to my contacts from the bank to see what I could do for them from home. Once the word spread, I was in business for myself. 

Since then, I hired a wonderful staff to join my team.


I enjoy being an Independent Contractor and working with so many different people. 

As a Virtual Specialist company, I specialize in Web Marketing and Social Media, specifically Constant Contact, Facebook, Linked In, & Twitter. My goal is to help small business' with their media visibility. Most small business' do not have the time to monitor social media. This is where my business can help. We can take care of this part of your business, while you run the rest.

I also help small business' with their Accounting. I can take care of your invoicing, collections and day to day tasks on QuickBooks.



I have excellent organizational and communication skills, which allows me to multitask. Each one of my clients has 100% of my attention. I strive to make each client happy while helping them grow their business to its fullest potential. 

If you have a task that you just do not have the time to take care of or worry about, give me a call, I can help. 



Mary Jo Roma Virtual Specialists - Lehigh Valley



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