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Each one of my clients has 100% of my attention.

I strive to make each client happy while helping them grow their business to its fullest potential.

Specializing in

Social Media Management  |  Marketing Services  |  Website Design

Email Marketing  |  Blogging  |  Graphic Design  |  Bookkeeping  |  Virtual Assistant

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Not enough time to get it all done?
Have you completed all your outstanding projects? Are you consistently posting on your social media networks?
Did you send out a client newsletter this month? Have you updated your website lately?
If you answered "no" to any one of these questions, then you need a Virtual Specialist.  
My educated staff and I can help you with these tasks.  
So what are you waiting for? Contact Mary Jo Roma Virtual Specialists today.
Let us help so you can do what is important — take care of running your business.



Develop a strategy to engage your followers and increase your connections.


Give your company's

look a facelift with a fresh new look and feel.


Content brainstorming, links to SEO optimization, and draw in your audience.


Brand your business

with a professional

web and logo identity.


Create email campaigns with creative images and fresh eye-catching copy.


Create invoices, enter deposits, pay bills, and reconcile statements


Create eye-catching brochures, postcards or other designed pieces.


Offering professional

head shots or a day of photography.


Assistance with market research, presentations, photoshoots and more.

"Mary Jo was able to adapt to working with different companies as well as different

markets and were able to find the best ways of promoting Miss Sunbeam for all of the bakeries! Anyone who has a chance to use her services will find it extremely satisfying

and it will make sure that your company becomes a star on social media."


Why hire a Virtual Specialist?

A Virtual Specialist business can help in many areas. Not only can we assist with social media and email marketing, but also projects that you may have started, but have not had the time to finish.
Or, if you have some great ideas that you want to initiate, but cannot find the time to research and implement them. Plus:
  • You can focus more of your time on running your business.
  • You won't incrue the additional cost of benefits or healthcare with a full time employee.
  • There are no added overhead costs.
  • You won't need additional office space.
  • There is no additional computer or software expenses.
  • You only pay for work needed, not busy work.
If you are unsure if there is something we can do for you, just call and ask.  
We would be happy to discuss it. Let's see what I can do to help your business!
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